Learn To Change a Changing World…

If there’s one thing we’ve all collectively learned over the last few years it’s the world is changing. We believe that we’re called to educate, inform, and equip “World Changers” with the tools and knowledge they’ll need to change this changing world.  

How people learn will never be the same…

It’s a hard reality that education is one of the most rapidly changing areas of society. Like so many things, not all of the changes are good, however, the reality of the evolving landscape of education can not be ignored. 

Traditionally (if there is such a thing) digital education has not been done well. It’s our goal to create, marry a powerful learning platform with incredible thought leaders with the purpose of empowering the saints to do their God given assignments. 

Blended Digital / Live Events

Let’s face it, 2020 pushed the world, kicking and screaming, fully 100% into a new digital age. It’s critically important that in this new “digital” environment we deliver content and experience that captivate the imagination. Our team has the real world experience to create powerful in person, digital, or blended events. Events where engagement is high, and frustration is low. 

Let's get a conversation going about your next event

Is high quality eLearning actually a thing?


Unlike anytime in human history, we have entered a time when there is a convergence of technology, education, and thought leaders. This is a very unique time. 

When a student can be taking a class from Kingdom Learning from a village in Uganda, while at the same time another student at fifty thousand feet over Europe from the comfort of their airline seat, while at the same time another student learns from their laptop at a coffeeshop in Boston, and engage with one another during live events. 

The world just got a whole lot smaller, which means our opportunity just got a whole lot bigger. 

Weather you are looking to dig into some amazing new learning, or perhaps your a thought leader that needs to partner with Kingdom Learning to help your next amazing course become a reality, it’s time you connected with us! 


Our team

An experienced entrepreneur who loves the hustle of business, getting outside the box, and inventing new ways of doing the impossible.

Chris Behnke

Founder | CEO

Lights, camera, action! Donovan the man , the myth, the legend, seriously we are so thankful for him. Donovan not only is our professional media producer, he is a great inspiration for much of our content as well.

Donovan Vaughn

Video / Media Production

Bobby puts apostolic feet to prophetic hope and makes room for us to run with him.

Bobby Haaby

Instructor / Advisor

Becky is amazing at making sure everything is ready to go and we all can move forward in unified vision.

Becky Haaby

Instructor / Advisor