Kat Kerr /// Children’s Q & A of Heaven

Kat Kerr · July 9, 2021


We are here today to prove that Heaven rocks! It’s not boring. The friendly forest, butterfly meadows, dinosaurs, pets, and so much more are just a taste of this wonderful place that waits for us called Heaven. Kat Kerr answers a group of children’s creative questions about Heaven. It’s possible you may have the same questions or revelation may bloom forth through the eyes of children just how wonderfully loving our God is!

In this course you will learn about:

  • Are there unicorns in Heaven?
  • Are my pets in Heaven?
  • Can you travel in bubbles?
  • What will my body look like?
  • Can we eat in Heaven?
  • What are foxes like in Heaven?
  • What are carousel’s like in Heaven? 
  • What are stars like in Heaven?
  • What is Christmas Town like in Heaven?
  • There are reindeer sleigh rides in Heaven!
  • Are dinosaurs in Heaven and can I have one for a pet?
  • Is there anyplace you can get hurt in heaven?
  • Can you breathe in outer space in Heaven?
  • Can you go fishing in Heaven?


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