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Kat Kerr · May 3, 2021


When you became born again your soul was cleaned out. You became a child of the living God. The Father put a stone out of His heart and placed in your soul. Jesus put a measure of the anointing in your soul as you became born again.  When He said guard your heart, He meant your soul.  When you go watch something, whether you know it or not it will enter into you. Even if you read it or heard it. Be free of tragedy and traumas! I am a soul doctor licensed by Heaven. In this eCourse you will learn how to do a soul check-up and get your soul cleaned and healed!

In this course you will learn about:

  • What your soul looks like.
  • How to get your kids free from the effects of bullying.
  • Why you want to crush darkness!
  • Why your soul needs to be ready for what God is doing next.
  • You are not just an old sinner saved by grace!!!!
  • You have a great future!!!
  • The will is the stronger part of you.
  • How to make Godly decisions.
  • Satan is a Loser with a capital “L”
  • Creating a habitation of heaven in your home.
  • Your pet has a soul.
  • How to receive grace daily and why.


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