Restore: Media/Arts & Entertainment

Come join us as we explore how to Restore: Media/Arts & Entertainment to Heaven’s standards. God’s people have access to innovation and creativity the world has never seen before!

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This is an incredible eCourse build from the RESTORE: Media / Arts & Entertainment Summit.

This eCourse includes ALL content from the RESTORE: Media / Arts & Entertainment Summit.

Hear from incredible speakers: Johnny Enlow, Elizabeth Enlow, Andre Forde, Brok Shinene, Charlie Kirk, Chikk, Clay Clark, David & Stacey Whited, David Harris Jr., Duda Penteado, Ed James, Jasmine Tate, Kim Alexis, Kelley Salber, Mark Keefer, Michael Terry, Nidia Quintanilla, Ricky & Sharon Skaggs, Bobby Haaby, and Chris Behnke

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RESTORE: Media / Arts & Entertainment

God released so much through the Rise Summit! Lives are changed, hearts are burning with passionate purpose and power, the clarion call was sounded, and people are still gathering from every nation to unify for the "new" things He is doing on this earth. The "greater" things are upon us! We are expectant, taking land, evicting Satan, and building the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven, His will, His way.

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