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This program is about going deeper. It’s about creating a culture of learning. It’s about putting apostolic feet to prophetic hope.

It’s our mission to purposefully equip the world to transform their regions with God’s love. We want to create an atmosphere of divine influence to the nations by walking in the power of His Holy Spirit with a faith that shapes the future.
Welcome to Eagle Mountain Radio.

Finding Hope In Crazy Times With Andy Mason

In Episode 16 The Eagle Mountain Radio team digs into how to find hope in crazy times with Andy Mason from Heaven In Business. Andy’s new book “Finding Hope In Crazy Times” could not have come in a more perfect time for what’s needed today.

This is an interview you do NOT want to miss as Andy shares some important and relevant stories and wisdom from his experience.

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Kingdom Perspective on Roles, Conflict, and Sex in Marriage

Sex, Conflict, Counseling, Men & Women’s Roles… There are so many topics that seem to just be “off-limits” in the Christian community at large? Why? The Bible openly and clearly talks about these things. Now more than ever we need a clear Kingdom perspective for our marriages.

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The Critical Importance Of Prayer During Crisis With Corey Russell

Why do so many people only pray when they are in trouble? What does God say about prayer? How did Jesus model prayer for us during his own life and ministry? Join us for this episode of Eagle Mountain Radio as we discuss “The critical importance of prayer during crisis” With guest Corey Russell. In this episode, we get to hear very practical truths about the power of prayer not only during a crisis, but during every aspect of our lives.

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Things That Move The Hand of God With Steve Shultz

Things that move the hand of God… That is a very interesting sentence! What kind of “things” move the hand of God? Do we even want to move the hand of God? How do we posture ourselves in a position for relationship, but at the same time full respect God’s sovereignty? In this episode of Eagle Mountain Radio, we go after these questions and others with Steve Shultz, founder of Elijah List & Elijah Streams.

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Kingdom Perspective For A Global Reset With Dave Hodgson

This was an incredible episode hearing from Dave on topics such as “How should Kingdom-minded business leaders react to the global pandemic. What should our response be to a global reset? We even take some time to look at some of the prominent conspiracies such as 5G causing the COVID-19 pandemic.

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