Ep52 /// Equally Responsible

Taking your stand in a changing civil environment is becoming a necessity. But what does that look like? What if my stand looks different than my friends, family, church, city, or state? How do we prepare for what’s ahead? How are we equally responsible for the change we want to see in the world? Let’s […]

Ep50 /// Taking the Land

Are we carrying around the frustrations of the land like burdens on our backs? Are we seeing the land full of big strong intimidating giants. Or is our focus on finding out God’s purpose for the land and our part in it? Are we a part of the solution to heal the land and take […]

Ep49 /// The Centurion

The Centurion understood that a man with authority has power in the spoken word. Jesus, the son of God, marveled at this man! Do we understand the authority that God has given us and are we speaking those powerful words in alignment with God’s will for ourselves and those around us? Join us on a […]

Ep48 /// The Moses Principle

Are we believing that spiritual growth is a comfortable cushy process? Being in the right place, in the right time, and everything just miraculously works out? Let’s look at Moses’s life. Somehow he made it from the palace to leading the Israelites out of Egypt. Our panel discusses Peter’s process as well. Peter the stone […]

Ep47 /// Radar in the Spirit

We all pick up on things in the spirit. Through pictures, conversations, thoughts, this would be our spiritual radar. Do we understand how the enemy can use this against us? Today we talk about three big areas that the enemy does use against us, severance of covenant, the spirit of slumber, and the great deception. […]