Ep41 /// The Eternal Playing Field

Have you been feeling pressed by the evil pressure of the world? What is the right response to this evil pressure? Do we need a rude awakening before we can have a great awakening? Have we been serving the historical Jesus or do we know Him in His eternal being? Let’s listen in as our […]

Ep39 /// RAS Works for You

The RAS (Reticular Activating System) is a wonderful part of our brain that searches out information to confirm what we believe. There are moments in our lives that are marked by sights, sounds, smells, and events. Some are great and some are traumatic. Our panel discusses how we can overcome these traumatic events, heal, and […]

Ep37 /// Part 2 The Prophetic Explained

What is the prophetic and what is it used for? How do we keep healthy boundaries in the prophetic that help us honor one another? How do we hear from God? What does discernment look like? Our panel dives deeper into these questions to help us gain a better understanding.  In This EM Radio Episode […]

Ep35 /// The Stand

Sometimes when we get a word from the Lord it doesn’t mean what we think it means and God invites us to go deeper.  Recently the Body of Christ heard the word “Stand” and we were invited to go deeper into the meaning.  As we began to discuss 9 variations of the word “stand” we felt the weight of those wash over us.

Ep34 /// Sapere Aude /// God’s Supremacy

God is high above all rulers, fallen angels, demons. There is no comparison to Him, there is no rival, no equal, there is no other name! Yet some give the enemy way too much credit equating him to God, forgetting that he has been defeated and disarmed.  Important revelation on God’s Supremacy: 1Cor. 8:6 (TPT) […]