Ep20 /// Connection and Relationships During COVID

Through COVID and all the isolation, how do we stay connected to people and maintain close relationships with all the restrictions?  Why is isolation harmful for our emotional health? The heart behind connecting is shared in such a beautiful way in this episode.  Some great ideas are shared in how to stay safely connected in […]

Ep17 /// Finding Hope In Crazy Times With Andy Mason

In Episode 16 The Eagle Mountain Radio team digs into how to find hope in crazy times with Andy Mason from Heaven In Business. Andy’s new book “Finding Hope In Crazy Times” could not have come in a more perfect time for what’s needed today.

This is an interview you do NOT want to miss as Andy shares some important and relevant stories and wisdom from his experience.

Ep15 /// Hearing From The Lord With Don Potter – Part 1

During episode 14 of Eagle Mountain Radio, we had the great honor of Interviewing Don Potter right from inside the Hub Nation Digital conference! It was an incredible interview, and was actually broken into 2 parts because we just couldn’t stop interviewing him! You can learn more about Don Potter here: https://www.potterschoolhaus.com & here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Potter_(musician) […]

Ep12 /// The Critical Importance Of Prayer During Crisis With Corey Russell

Why do so many people only pray when they are in trouble? What does God say about prayer? How did Jesus model prayer for us during his own life and ministry? Join us for this episode of Eagle Mountain Radio as we discuss “The critical importance of prayer during crisis” With guest Corey Russell. In this episode, we get to hear very practical truths about the power of prayer not only during a crisis, but during every aspect of our lives.