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What I want to talk to you about (1Chronicles 25) what this idea looks like when one generation transitions another generation into the purposes of God that might look different but they’ve already been set in motion through prayer, praise, and prophecy. There are some desires of God that have already been released in Heaven and just imagine what it would be like if they were sound waves, or if it were light waves, or if it were a wind. What if there is a wind of Heaven that has already been set in motion coming to this region here? To awaken the desires of God that were set in motion by the responses of our fathers and our forefathers. It’s time for the creative collective to awaken, come alive, and walk out what God made them to be.”


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  • With Ray Hughes

    Creative Collective

    There's got to come a greater glory, you guys.

    There's got to be a whole lot greater glory than what we've experienced now. I believe that when God says I will be your God and you will be my people and I will be in your midst, I believe that means something!

eCOURSE Description:

Ray Hughes is passionate about passing on what he has learned so that others can build on it and accelerate into the now of God. He has a God given gift to tell stories that draw you in as if you where standing right there in them. Each story is delightfully leading you into deeper revelation of the beauty of God’s heart through history and into the strategies of the now time of God. Throughout this eCourse I was inspired over and over again to go create something beautiful. It was like listening to an anointed worship cd as Ray took us to Whales, Scotland, Ireland, and the United States. Your imagination will be awakened. Ray will inspire you to partner with God in your everyday to create beautiful things in whatever field God gave you. We are moving into important times where our walking out God ideas are necessary! All of creation groans for the sons of God to be manifested. Cities and regions are transitioning to the sounds being released inside of them. Ray encourages us to be a part of releasing the sounds and winds of Heaven in our homes, neighborhoods, cities, regions, and lands that God has brought us too. What if the church trained up actors, woodcarvers, potters, businessman, people in media and education? Why can’t we ask Holy Spirit to release through us revival that stays, inhabitation of God’s presence.? Let’s ask for our generations to be the ones that become the united body of Christ, the bride without spot or wrinkle! Let’s honor one another and inspire each other to do exactly what God had deposited in us that brings us alive.

  • Ray Hughes

    Ray Hughes lives within earshot of the Singing River near Muscle Shoals, Alabama. He has traveled the world for over 40 years as an author, storyteller, songwriter, and poet. He is a sought after public speaker and is passionate about creativity and training creative people. He is also passionate about biscuits, old guitars, and looking gift horses in the mouth (but not necessarily in that order). He doesn't trust people that good dogs don't like. 
    Ray Hughes

What You'll Learn in this eCOURSE

  • The process of capturing your life in such a way that everything becomes worship.

  • Metaphors and their importance

  • Why following directions is important in finding out who you are.

  • Where the term wild goose chase originated.

  • What to do when life brings something to our attention.

  • Strategy to bring the sound of Heaven to our region.

  • Building upon foundations of our forefathers.

  • David deputized the musicians to awaken creation to worship.

  • Stories of the martyrs in Scotland

  • Martin Luther used cartoons and folk art.

  • Did Ray write songs with Johnny Cash?

  • The pulpit was originally called …

  • Our DNA is connected to promises.

There Are 7 Lessons in This eCourse:

  1. Into to- Creative Collective                                      22:12 minutes

  2. Q & A Friday Night                                                     17:36

  3. Building on a Foundation                                       1:05:43

  4. Metaphors                                                                1:43:25

  5. Q & A Saturday Morning                                           16:15

  6. A Man from  a Hill of Beans                                      55:34

  7. Restoration of the Tabernacle of David               1:04:15




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