Eye of the Eagle Conference 2017


This is a powerful conference where we explored what the Kingdom of Heaven is and what does it look like when it manifests on earth. How can we participate with God in doing His will ,His way, on Earth as it is in Heaven?

What is included:

  • Interviews with Morning Star Leadership.
  • Prophetic Revelation of things coming.
  • Q & A with the speakers.
  • Revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven


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“The prophetic is the “eyesight” of God. God looses within a person the ability to see what’s coming ahead. That prepares the church for less casualties. That prepares the church to go in certain directions and not in other directions.” – Donna Hoover. This is a call for people to be prepared and ready for what God wants done on the earth.

In this conference, one of the things Tom Hardiman is talking about is, “There is a victorious church emerging without spot or wrinkle.” Tom prays a prophetic increase to help prepare us for what God has ahead.

Bobby Haaby speaks of Jesus paying a price and going through hell to give us authority over death, hell, and the grave. Many men and women have paid a high price to come out of hell and gain authority over areas of life and others will benefit from their experiences. John the Baptist preached the gospel of salvation and this is very needed, but doesn’t by itself alone transform nations. The gospel of the Kingdom will transform nations. What does that look like?

We also hear from Mary Anne Hardiman, “I believe that what God’s going to do is do another spiritual explosion. That He is going to change the direction of the church and finally put us on course in the flow of the Holy Spirit.”

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Eye of the eagle 2017 Conference Speakers

Tom & Mary Anne Hardiman
Fred & Donna Hoover
Bobby & Becky Haaby



Conference Sessions

Session 1 – Donna Hoover – Misunderstanding and Wedges in Relationships

Session 2 – Interview with Tom and Mary Anne Hardiman

Session 3 – Second Interview with the Hardimans

Session 4 – Interview with Fred and Donna Hoover

Session 5 – Interview with the Hoovers

Session 6 – Tom Hardiman – Friday 7pm

Session 7 – Tom Hardiman – Saturday 7pm

Session 8 – Speaker Panel – Practicality of Kingdom on Earth (Sat. 2pm)

Session 9 – Mary Anne Hardiman – Sat. 10am

Session 10 – Q & A with the Eye of the Eagle Conference Speakers



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