Prophetic Roundtable – Apostolic Groups 2019 Conference


This is a powerful conference where we explored living lives like Enoch with Paul Keith Davis. Tom Hardiman spoke of apostolic groups forming and being sent out to the nations.

What is included:

    • Interviews with Tom and Mary Anne Hardiman and Paul Keith and Amy Davis.
    • Prophetic Revelation of things coming.
    • A call to apostolic groups.
    • Revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven

Stories with Bob Jones.


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“I’m asking that He overshadow us tonight. I want all this weariness to be broken off of you. I’m not just praying an empty prayer. I’m not going to go forward until I feel like there is a measure of success here. That there is a measure that we can discern that something has shifted in this room. I’m not going to go through the motions and I don’t believe Bobby or Tom are just going to go through the motions. We are here by divine appointment. Do you believe that? Do you believe your steps are orchestrated by God? And there is so much in the world right now, but the world is out there. We’re surrounded right now by the bloodline of the Lord Jesus Christ. And all that witchcraft that’s been released against you is broken. All the words of all those people that hate you is broken right now. It has no place in this room. If you don’t give it a place. It will have no place in this room. This will be a refuge. This will be a safe place. This will be a place for the anointing. The horns of the altar, where you can come before the living God and receive an impartation of His spirit. That your prayer life would be rejuvenated. It would not be a labor, it would be a joy! It would be your very joy to go into the presence of God to talk to His heart.” – A portion of Paul Keith’s opening prayer.

Are we limiting what God wants to do in our lives by constructing how it’s going to look in our heads? It’s time to start, “thinking bigger!” If you go back and put yourself in the shoes of biblical characters, you will see that (in the moment) they had no idea how big God’s purposes and plans were for them. These were average men and women, fishermen, shepherds, tax collectors, prostitutes, a physician, good girls, a centurion, rabbi’s, a murderer, and wise men.  God encountered each one of them and helped them shine His glory and His story through their lives. How about us? How about now?! God is calling men and women to gather together in unity, to form these apostolic groups who will go out and change nations. Are you choosing to, “think bigger”? – A taste of Tom Hardiman’s message.

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Prophetic roundtable

2019 Conference Speakers

Tom & Mary Anne Hardiman

 Paul Keith & Amy Davis

Bobby & Becky Haaby




Conference Sessions

Session 1 – Paul Keith Davis – Thurs. Sep 19

Session 2 – Paul Keith Davis – Friday Sep 20

Session 3 – Paul Keith Davis Interview – Friday Sep 20

Session 4 – Tom Hardiman – Friday 7pm Sep 20

Session 5 – Mary Anne Hardiman – Sat 10am Sep 21

Session 6 – Tom and Mary Anne Hardiman Interview



Topics Covered

  • Are we living a life like Enoch, walking with God? Let’s enter into the holy of holies, humble and contrite, and learn His heart. 
  • Paul Keith Davis, “What is your process? How do you not only hear the Lord, but also interpret what God’s saying, and then know at the end of the day, whether you’re in a meeting, or a one on one conversation, that you’ve done what He wanted you to do?”
  • The end times the world will look darker but the church will outshine the darkness.
  • Daniel’s most significant life events happened after he was 68 years old.
  •  The Lord spoke to Tom, “I want you to stop underestimating the significant things that I want to do in your life.”
  • Philippians 3:12 “Not that I have already obtained it [this goal of being Christlike] or have already been made perfect, but I actively press on so that I may take hold of that [perfection] for which Christ Jesus took hold of me and made me His own.” – Amplified Bible


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